Learning Curves…


Is it just me or does anyone that does a blog go through a learning curve? I have pulled out my credit card to my chagrin 3 times in picking a .com address. I started with WordPress, ventured over to Go Daddy and back to word press again. I was thrilled with the first address I chose AND purchased until later I googled the name and porn sights came up. What?!  Sigh… back to the drawing board. I went back to WordPress and started my free blog. I decided I just needed to start somewhere and make mistakes . I needed to LET GO and just do! I needed to share this and let it be perfectly imperfect. Be BRAVE! I started learning many new things.  For one I am learning a new language. This morning I learned what a WIDGET is and added a couple to my new blog. I learned what a URL is and I learned how to add an email request. I must say I was feeling pretty SMUG. It was in my REVERIE that I again made the decision let’s make this a .com! It would look so much better up in that address bar. So out came the credit card again. For a mere $26.00 you can lay claim as the only person in the whole world that has that address and have all kinds of protection. Well, inclusivity seems well worth the cost and who doesn’t need protection right? I finished my transaction and went back to my blog. To my horror when I went back to my sight the screen stared at me blankly and said, “The owner of this sight has shut it down” or something to that affect. It for sure did not say, “Welcome World” or “Just a little musing. No, there was no Musing and no “thoughtful creative space,” that I had created! Distraught I closed my computer and went to work. I told myself that EVERYTHING IS BETTER THE SECOND TIME AROUND.  A new friend at work that is an english professor said, “you know Hemingway lost all his first writings in a fire, the young Hemingway said, the loss of his juvenilia was the best thing to happen to his development as a writer.” This did comfort me some and I resigned to starting over. Not that I had done much however what I had done because of MY LEARNING CURVE, felt time consuming and frustrating at this point. It also felt like I had lost my creation.  The story has a happy ending.  Apparently, when you make a change like this it takes WordPress time to catch up. When my friend googled my address there it was just waiting for me.  Yipee!  Because really, let’s face it, I am no HEMINGWAY and I just learned that a widget isn’t a cracker waiting for spread!


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