Where Eagles Fly..


Today I took my Daughter up the Canyon in Southern Utah and we got to witness the release of a Golden Eagle.  The Last time Mike and I were up this canyon I missed a release that was going on by 30 seconds. Of course we didn’t know this is what was happening when we saw the mess of cars and pulled over but imagine my disappointment when I found out I could I could have been snapping shots of an eagle up close and personal.  We were so close to seeing it that Mike said he saw the tip of his wing as we walked up! So of course I got info and was notified through facebook that they would be releasing another of these fierce beauties today.   Todays Eagle had been slightly injured and was in rehab for 3 weeks.  We were told to send a prayer for someone with the eagle. What a great day and the Canyon was beautiful . The leaves are just beginning to turn.  To celebrate I am posting shot’s that I got.

Eagle Release

Eagle Release


A wing and a prayer …

In the storms of life may your heart soar like an Eagle .


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