Reboot your life

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Reboot your life

Just when I was humming along getting familiar with blogging and doing my thing my Mac laptop decided it was on overload.  I happily sat down the other day and popped it opened, pressed down on the button only to find a dark screen that said, “your startup drive is full.”  Apparently my love of photography and my knack for keeping every little thing has finally caught up with me.  My world suddenly went dark and empty, a spiraling abyss. Ok, so I am being a little melodramatic but, I am out of commission.  I sit and stare at the computer and try again five minutes later. Nothing…  It just turns against me dark and cold.  The next day out of habit I want to grab the computer and click it on.  I have an Idea, I want to blog it, frustration mounts and withdrawal sets in.
Just as well I think,  I need to focus on other things for a few days and then I will get the mac into the mac doctor.  Which leads me to this thought.  How come when I am overloaded and my start up drive is full I don’t get to shut down.  Or do we just call that a “nap?”  I know like most people my start up drive does get full. Sometimes in juggling the roles of being wife, Mom, employee and more life can get pretty crazy and yes, a nap is what gets me through.  Sometimes when my mood get’s dark and the world seems cold just like my Mac I need more than a nap.  I need an adventure or a vacation really.  If a vacation isn’t a reality which most often is the case I can settle with grabbing my camera and heading for nature or some quaint place just for the day as a reboot.  Treasure hunting in an antique or second hand store and always dining with someone I love, My Mike, One of my kids or a friend. When I take the time to do this I am so much better for it later.  Tonight I went with my daughter for some dinner and I got a fortune cookie that said I will soon find new Adventure!  I’m ready, bring it on!
“Respond to every call that excites your spirit” Rumi

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