I stood back and Smiled.

Reboot your life, Smiling
​Wow,  paint a wall in your house a happy color  (My color of choice is a watery blue) whatever color suits your fancy.  They call it an accent wall.  I’m going to call in my happy wall.  My delightful blue seemed like the perfect choice it complemented everything else in the room and the opposing wall and well,  it made me happy!
It’s crazy that something so simple can make my heart soar. It has always been a blessing to me that it is the little things that can tickle me and believe me there are days that I need it.  I stopped at Sherwin Williams and picked up a quart ( I should get something for this plug)
and a short time later sweaty and painted myself,
“I stood back and smiled.”
Listening to a little Jack Johnson while you paint never hurts either!

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