The truth is…

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​The truth is….  I have enjoyed writing and I feel stuck. I want to write a new blog post but I really need to put in something with substance.   Perhaps I am suffering from the horrible feeling of perfectionism which is death to creativity. Perhaps it is because last weekend I  had this wonderful and yet exhausting experience of making a quick trip to Arizona to see my new grandbaby and now all I can think of is editing her pictures and feel guilt if I am not blogging away about what a wonderful experience that it was. There is something wonderful about seeing your children rise to the occasion of loving and caring for another little helpless human. There is something wonderful also of  scooping that little human up in your arms as natural as if it were yesterday and then seeing the look of surprise in your children’s eyes that their, not so domestic Mama nowadays, still has it.

The truth… is my vacation was not long enough. That although I was so blessed to see this new little person and it was worth it in every way, my heart yearns for a longer vacation. Time to enjoy my lovelies without feeling exhausted. Time to explore the new area to which I have never been and take as many pictures as my camera can hold. We got to spend an afternoon in phoenix and my artsy, crazy crew wanted to go to roosevelt street. We had a meal at a quaint hole in the wall and we loved it. We drove the long way home from Arizona to Southern Utah. We traveled through the winding mountainous hills of Sedona and Flagstaff. When we pulled into Sedona I fell in love. We were surrounded by a red mountain, blue sky and green trees, a lot of trees. It was perfect fall weather and a little misty from rain . We stole a couple hours we didn’t have and wandered the beautiful main street and went into the shops. It got dark and I couldn’t see the beautiful mountain pass that we drove through, It wasn’t safe to drive at night in the rain so we stayed the night in flagstaff. The next day we blazed a trail home as quickly as we could. A beautiful trail, but we had to get back for work.  I did not get to stop and see things or take pictures which took a great exercise of discipline for this girl, however,  I will be back and I will linger long and there will be pictures to post.

The truth is… I started this post on Wednesday and now it is saturday night. Instead of scrapping the entire thing I decided to give it a happy ending. This weekend Mike and I found out that Howard Jones was doing a free concert in the park for United Way.  I love his music and it takes me back. We put out our chairs in the twilight and as the sky got dark we sang along. I clapped, I sang horribly and I screamed.  My spirit is renewed. Thank you Howard Jones. St George loves you!


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