The beginning of my musings. The word “musing” is defined as a period of reflection or thought: meditation, thinking, contemplation,deliberation,pondering, reflection, introspection, daydreaming, reverie.

1st blog post, Musing...

This is my first blog post. I started this blog just for my creative little brain to have an outlet. I love photography mostly of nature, animals, and quirky things. yes. I even love the word quirky.  I love macro photography getting up close and creative.  My mind naturally frames things up into a picture and I have to get the shot. My sidekick husband has had to pull over many times on a scenic drive. Props to him! I have a Beloved Cannon and an I phone 6 plus. No, I dont have the expensive lenses costing hundreds just a few nice starter pieces and i am hoping to someday get a 70-200 as a super nice 1st lens. Just throwing it out into the universe. 🙂 I don’t fully understand all the photography jargon and call it ADD or whatever you want but I don’t have all the patience to figure it all out.  I just do it. I mess around with my lenses and lighting ,and of course the Golden hour is what it is all about! SO, at the end of all this rambling I will probably be inclined to post some of my pics with a little tid bit about it here and a story there.  I will most certainly have silly stories about things I get myself into since it seems to be a common theme with me. “Hello Lucy”

Hopefully positive thoughts and quotes that I like because I need them too.

I am a hair dresser so  I could have stories or thought from “my chair”  protecting privacy of course.

simply reflections, daydreaming, thoughts and musing.

I am new to blogging and feel like a fish out of water so hopefully I can do a half decent job….

If I am here alone typing and posting to myself only to satisfy my creative vibe so be it and if you care to follow along Welcome.