Wonderful finds

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I got to go with my son and his little family to the farmers market this weekend and we stopped at a yard sale along the way. It’s funny how the little things you find there can thrill you and someone else is just as thrilled to have them gone . I found this gem of a clay pot that is right at home on my front porch and the “made it Italy” that is stamped on the front sold me.  The only thing better on this day was listening to music with Charly girl, my grand daughter.



Super full Moon coaxes baby Charly Mae into this world and I am a Grandma.

First time Grandma


On September 27th there were two miracles.  One was a super full blood red moon. The moon at it’s closest point to the earth. The Moon is immersed in the earths shadow and won’t be seen like this again for another 18 years. The most significant miracle I believe is that this full moon coaxed a beautiful little baby girl named Charly Mae into the world.  She was born at 5:07 and weighed 6 lbs. 2 0z  She is a perfect little package and her parents just stare at her in awe.
On September 27th 2015 there was a  “super full blood red moon,”
and I became a “Grandma.”
We think she might have super powers…