Grandmas Hands

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This is my new grand daughter I held in my hands in October.  She is still too tiny to say arms. Like me my daughter likes photography and she took this photo.  I did some editing  and personalized wording on it and I am really happy with how it turned out.IMG2_7886 I think it will be a real treasure.


WIld & Free Part 2

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I couldn’t help myself I had to post the remainder of the shots I got of these Beauties.  The remainder of the dry fall foliage made for a beautiful background for Mamma and her Foal and a peaceful setting for lingering and reflections in the water. This last pic is of one of the horses wandering out by himself in a not so becoming desert type landscape and it made me ponder why he was alone and in an undersirable area. My sensitive soul hopes he will meet up with his friends again later in a better area and then I have to remind myself they are free and they know what they are doing. Sometimes even we human creatures need time off by ourselves 🙂 IMG_2:8044IMG_8058IMG_2:8076IMG_8020