A morning Dove rescue

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It was quite a disappointment when I caught my beloved cat trying to take down an innocent baby morning dove. We were standing in our driveway talking to a neighbor when suddenly there was a commotion a few feet away. Our cat was playing with a bird and the cat was winning. Not waiting to see what the cat would do next we got her away from the bird.  The bird scampered into the nearby bush. The cat was bewildered thinking that she had been doing a heroic thing and now she was getting scolded. I swept her up and into the house. My husband Mike picked up the bird with his large hands and said “oh, it’s a baby morning dove.” I anxiously reached out and said, “let me see it” as I cooed, “Hi baby, are you ok?” Our Neighbor threw his hands in the hair and said, “what the heck, you guys just pick it up like it’s nothing.” His eyes were huge. He was trying to decide if we were crazy or cool. He verbally settled on cool. Mike was concerned about what we should put it in for the night and I magically appeared with a bird cage from the old shed. This wasn’t my first time saving a bird, I laughed at my own antics.  Just the other day my daughter and I were reminiscing about all the times we have gotten our selves tangled up in crazy situations with wildlife or other animals. I filled the cage with greenery from around the area we found the bird in, hung it on the front porch high from the cat and went to googling about morning birds. What a wonderful bird they are. When we held the bird it didn’t fight us and seemed to accept us quite well. The next morning there were 3 morning birds in our yard seeming confused about the caged morning bird. He seemed to be fine and in my half awake morning stupor I let him free. I kept the cat in the house the rest of the day and night. I have seen the bird scampering around the last few days and even fly up to the roof. Had he been younger or had less feathers I would have kept him longer to increase his survival chances. I think he will be soaring soon. I am happy we got to cross his path!IMG_3760