“Make your life journey like that of a tree. Stand grounded and tall in the eye of the storm and stretch yourself to the sky. ” Jenny

Be Brave, Learning Curves, Love, Photography, Poem

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Be brave my darling…

Be Brave, Photography, Poem

Be brave

On the days when it knocks you down, be kind to yourself.

When you are not your best, when you are not thriving, be loving. 

It will close you up and make you numb or it will make you feel too much.

When you get out of bed and make it to work just barely, be understanding. 

Forget that it was hard.  forget that you had to force yourself, let it go.

When you couldn’t make a decision that once came easy, be kind. 

It will show no mercy. Be patient. 

It will show up when it wants to, and leave just the same.

It doesn’t care about your plans, It doesn’t care about your schedule.

It is here for a while, but not forever. Be brave. 

It will make you cry, but you will get up and dry your tears.

When your creative voice goes silent, let it rest. 

When you want to express your frustration, write your guts out.

When it takes away your taste, spoil yourself.

It will tell you to be alone. Take a breath and call a friend. 

It will exhaust you, take a nap and be kind.

Tomorrow is just around the corner and as quickly as it came,

you will find it gone.

You will thrive and work and create and love and laugh. 

You will be compassionate and strong and fearless and kind.

Be brave my darling…

By Jenny Hanley 2015